We are currently looking for writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, flatters, sequential artists, digital artists, manga artists and every type of artist! 

Apply and send us your portfolio, resume and cover lettter to or apply below!

Review process

We review all applications once a week. If you do not receive response after the first week, you did not make it. We highly encourage you to apply again in the near future!

Art Test

Once the review is complete, the next stage is to start an art test with one week deadline.

This includes revisions and notes to determines the applicant handles art direction. 

Portfolio development

We will co-develop 5 art pieces as official MAZE Studio Samples. And you will enter a probation period where we will work on 5-10 projects together. This will test the artist's communication, patience and skills. 

Full Employment

If you are really as badass as we thought you were and make it past all this,  Congrats for become an official member of our TEAM!